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Zrii Versus Mona Vie – What Makes One Better Than the Other?

Zrii and Mona Vie are both great companies with great products but the name of the game is to position yourself in the company that is going to give you the best possible chance at financial success. Although there is money to be made with both there are significant advantages to one. We will look at the following criteria: ownership, product, marketing/training system and timing.

Ownership – The hands down winner with this one goes to Zrii. The company owner has built 8 different well know name brand companies to over a billion dollars each. Never before in the history of the industry has an owner had such successes in business like Bill Farley, the founder and owner of Zrii. His previous successful companies are Fruit of The Loom, Dan Post Boots, Christian Dior to name a few. He knows how to brand a business and make it a billion dollar company.

Product – Mona Vie has a strong product that has health benefits but when you weigh it against the 5000 year old proven success of the Amalaki fruit which is Zrii’s center piece then it is hard to beat. On top of the the actual ingredients of the product there lies probably the most valuable endorsement in the history of the industry. For the first time ever the worlds most famous doctor, Dr. Deepak Chopra and the Chopra Center For Wellbeing have endorsed a third party product. Mention the name to any doctor and they will instantly know who Dr. Chopra is. With this endorsement comes the winner in this category.

Marketing/Training System – Again the Zfreedom marketing system is the envy of the industry. With over 20 custom targeted lead capture pages, 6 months of prewritten auto responder, a business marketing side and a product marketing side, postcard mailing feature, video creator, audio creator, toll free numbers, webinars, training on all aspects of online and offline marketing, team building training, an absolute all in one system that allows anyone to build a big business without being a good salesperson or trainer because the system and websites do it for you. What this means for the new marketer is freedom to just market and let the system do the selling telling and sorting for you. There is no better system anywhere in the industry.

Timing – Being in the beginning is crucial and that is where you would be with Zrii. Since Zrii is less than 18 months old and have already surpassed the 100 Million Dollar mark in revenue means a world of opportunity for someone smart enough to see the window of opportunity and capitalizing on it. Mona Vie has already had their growth stage and will be leveling off as for Zrii it is only up from here for a long time to come.

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