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Vasque Hiking Boots – Why Men and Women Love These Hiking Shoes

Vasque hiking boots and shoes offer both rugged and lightweight hiking shoes for day hikes on the trail or long treks backpacking in the backcountry. If you’re into mountaineering, there’s a line of shoes for you, too. Whichever style of hiker you are, there is a Vasque boot for you. The quality of hiking boot produced by Vasque footwear is up there with the best companies in the industry with many different high-end features; concentrating on making shoes that are functional and innovative.

One of the first things people expect in a good hiking shoe these days is being waterproof to some degree. Most Vasque hiking shoes comes with a layer of waterproofing like gore-tex uppers. Also, some models come with seam-sealed liners to stop water from coming in while making sure your feet stay dry by letting moisture out.

Another feature in Vasque hiking boots like the Breeze, Ranger, and Synergist that is important to have in any trail shoe is being breathable. Keeping your feet dry not only increases comfortability, but keeps you from getting bacteria and fungal infections as well. Vasque does this by increasing wicking and ventilation through airmesh nylon panels and wicking nylon lining and footbeds to absorb the sweat and moisture and disperse it.

With any shoe, you want it to be comfortable from the first mile to the last mile. Vasque shoes do this in several different ways; one of which is padding. Most models come with padded tongues and collars. This helps to relieve pressure points from laces and keeps your ankles from getting raw. Also, the padded tongues keep dirt, dust and gravel out of your hiking boot. You won’t have the tiny pebble in the shoe problem that you have to stop to take out. The gusseted, padded tongues of Vasque boots and shoes will keep those out.

Another way that Vasque has you covered like in their Summit GTX or Alpine GTX shoes is through the removable footbeds that are included. Users say that Vasque footbeds are like aftermarket quality. This is great because you won’t have to spend extra for better inserts and insoles. The footbeds have drytech technology and are shaped and designed for the best comfort. Also the topsheet of these shoes have wicking fibers to manage moisture; again to keep your foot dry for ultimate comfort while you’re hiking and trekking on the trail.

The combination of high quality and high tech midsole and midsole plate is where Vasque hiking boots really shine. The Phylon midsole are lightweight and absorb the shock; while the Thermoplastic Urethane midsole plate offers rigidity and support. Lastly, many models add the Vibram contact outsoles for traction on all types of surfaces that you’ll encounter in the great outdoors; whether on fire roads or rocky terrain.

Men and women, from the novice to the avid hiker love Vasque boots for being comfortable, having great traction and being water resistant. Also, they rave about ankle and arch support. From day hiking to long distance journeys and adventures, Vasque hiking boots has everything you would expect from a high quality hiking shoe.

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