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Snorkel Mask Full Face, Letsport Dual-Snorkel Diving Mask for Adults, Foldable 180 Panoramic View Snorkeling Mask, Anti-Fog Anti-Leak Snorkel Set with Detachable Camera Mount, Adjustable Head Straps

Letsport 180 degree panoramic view full face snorkel mask with anti-fog anti-leak design, camera mount, foldable snorkel tube and adjustable head straps is made of high quality PC and food grade silicone, Non-toxic and Environmental. After two years of repeated authoritative tests, Letsport snorkel mask has twice the amount of air entering than others. When you bring it for snorkeling, your breathing will be more comfortable and smooth. It provides you a wonderful visual enjoyment under the water and a better snorkeling experience.

Use Tips
1. Checking the seal before use: Pull the straps of the snorkel mask over your head and check the snorkel mask sits fittingly on your face. Always check the mask for any leaks: if you feel a slight pressure change when you breath, then it is sealed very good, otherwise please adjust the strap to a most appropriate size for your face.
2. Make sure you wear the snorkeling mask properly: People with long hair, make sure the hair does not come between your forehead and the mask, because the hair can break the seal between the silicone skirt of the mask and your skin.
Use the snorkel mask properly will also reduce mist up. Make sure the nose silicone parts close to your face, breathing slowly through your nose helps reduce fogging and emotional tension.
3. If you feel any obstruction to your breathing, it may be due to the snorkel being covered in water temporarily, but the dry top snorkel design will prevent water from entering through the top of the snorkel.
4. The snorkel mask can’t storage oxygen and only suitable for snorkeling. If you are snorkeling at first time, you may need take some times to adapt it.
5. Only suitable for surface snorkeling, don’t snorkel alone.
6. Please keep the full face snorkel mask in a dry and clean place, avoid direct sunshine.

Package Contents
Snorkel Mask X 1
Mesh Bag X 1
User Manual X 1
Camera Mount X 1
Earplug X 2
Nut and Screw X 1【Amazing Anti-Fog & Anti-Leak Technology】We have improved the breath system “fish gill breath circulatory” (Intermediate air intake, air outlet on both sides) which make exhalation and inhalation have completely isolated to prevent the mixing of exhaust gas and fresh air. It will keep you snorkel longer and not fog from your breath or the water temperature. The snorkel mask is made of food-grade silicone, the entire mask is fully wrapped to achieve a leak-proof effect.
【Foldable Breathing Tube & Adjustable Quick-Release Straps】2019 upgraded newest snorkel mask folds the snorkel tube by an elastic rubber band which can be rotated in any direction, convenient to store and carry around. There is a flexible buckled elastic knit band on the right side of the snorkeling mask, when snorkeling occurs an emergency, you can quickly get out of the full face snorkeling mask with one button and get more self-help time.
【Latest Dry Top System】Our diving mask equipped with a floater ball that limits water enter through the top of the snorkel when submerged. New add fish gill design breath circulatory system, exhaust gas can be out faster. We expanded the diameter of the top snorkel to 1.26 inches. Unique air circulation design, you will not feel dizzy or oxygen deprivation while diving. We have not only greatly improved the airflow, visibility, adaptability, but also ensure safety of the snorkeling mask.
【Explore Magnificent Underwater World】Our snorkeling mask is designed with a natural curved, which perfectly fits human face, no leaking problem. It provides a 180 degree panoramic superior clear and optimal undistorted view for underwater exploration. Snorkel mask with detachable mount can easily install action camera, you can achieve footage of your amazing underwater adventures and memorable moments while snorkeling, and share with your friends and family.
【Worry-Free After Sales Service】Letsport is a professional brand providing full face snorkel mask and 1-year friendly after-sales service. For any dissatisfaction, welcome to contact us, we offer Free Replacement Policy or Full Money-Back Guarantee without any costs from you, totally no risk for you!

Price: $29.99
(as of Aug 15,2019 01:45:51 UTC – Details)

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