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Seavenger Voyager Snorkeling Fins/Flippers (Midnight Blue, Large)

Powerful Kicking

A rigid blade gives you maximum kicking power with minimal effort. The stiff construction propels water better than a soft, flexible blade – an essential feature for short snorkeling blades. Swim faster and maneuver easily with the 16-inch Seavenger Voyager Snorkeling Fins.

Comfortable Fit

The soft, open-foot pocket is pliable and comfortable enough to wear barefoot. Adjustable fin straps allow you to get the perfect fit, while the quick-release buckles keep you from having to readjust on every trip. The swiveling feature on both buckles gives comfortable placement and allows you to slip the straps off as needed.

Ideal for Travel

Save money on travel rentals with your own snorkeling fins that go with you on every adventure. The 16-inch blades fit perfectly into a backpack or carry-on and feature lightweight construction that’s easy to tote with you wherever you go.

TREK FINS – 16-inch fins are lightweight for travel and pack easily in a carry-on or backpack.
POWERFUL KICKING – The rigid blade gives better propulsion with minimal effort.
ADJUSTABLE STRAPS – Get the perfect fit with adjustable fin straps and quick-release buckles.
SWIVELING BUCKLES – The swiveling buckles are comfortable and convenient for all foot sizes.
OPEN FOOT POCKET – The open foot pocket allows water to flow freely and reduces drag in the water.

Price: $18.95
(as of Nov 07,2019 14:54:44 UTC – Details)

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