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Is the New Ahh Bra Comfortable and Does It Also Give Enough Support?

What is Ahh Bra?

The Ahh Bra is a breakthrough body form technology which meant to be extremely comfortable, and in the same time allow the physical appearance a supporting lift. It is produced without any wires hooks and adjusting shoulder straps. This removes the bra lines. It is meant to control troublesome areas such as thighs, tummy, bust and buttocks so you can put on light brazier, underwear, hosiery with no trouble. This Bra features consist of: Smooth microfiber pullover; V neck, wide shoulder straps; Soft, full coverage cups; Center ruching for bust forming; ribbed band for support and ease and comfort. It is produced with 96% nylon and 4% spandex so it is machine washable as well as tumbles dry.

Is it really comfortable?

This unique bra is manufactured without any hooks, seams straps or wire so it does not require any modifying. The shoulder straps are wide, and fit properly without slipping over the shoulder. Weight is evenly distributed with the wider non-adjustable straps. It is not important what you put on over it or in what physical activities you may be engage – the shoulder straps will stay put throughout the day.

How comfortable is a bra if one has to continuously adjust the shoulder band, pulling it back up over the shoulder? Not to mention how embarrassing it could be if it falls lower enough to show your top outside. Bulky under padding is also taken out from this bra, enhancing its convenience.

As the Ahh Bra is designed using a stretch out and soft fabric it will moves along with the body. Whether or not you’ll be walking, running, sitting, or even performing any job, exercise, or simply relaxing, there’s simply no grabbing, poking, prodding, pulling, bunching or scrunching of your bra. This bra has been described as an excellent comfy sports bra without being a sports bra.

What differentiates the Ahh Bra from regular sports bra, and also improves its ease and comfort? This bra elevates and separates the breasts, allowing you to have support in addition to improving you figure definition. The Ahh Bra has the same size as the tops you wear; therefore you can’t screw up with choosing its size.

At the end of the day there will not be any marks on the skin, such as those left by the regular and awful wire bra. The fabric of this bra, nylon and spandex, also makes it the most convenient bra for women mainly because it feels soft and velvety to the skin. The four way stretch structure, knit on a hosiery machine with the finest wools, contributes highly to its comfort.

Does it give enough support?

Support is important for makes a bra comfortable, and the Ahh Bra delivers the best possible support. You will not receive a superior support from other bras regardless of their cost. Also the coverage cups are full and seamless and will provide convenient feeling.

To find out what people are thinking about this issue I looked at many testimonials and reviews. The producer claims that this bra provides superior support to any breast size, but according to some reviews, women that have bigger breast size were feeling that this bra didn’t offered them sufficient support. Other women claim that if they want additional support they put on a pair of bras instead of one. Some women claimed that the bottom band has a tendency to roll up from time to time and it is frustrating. I think that these kinds of complaint are due to selecting the improper bra size. Before purchasing Ahh Bra it’s very important to look at the sizing chart and to be certain that you’re buying the right size for you.

Is this bra recommended?

After studying quite a few testimonials and reviews I came up to the conclusion that most women loved wearing Ahh Bra and also recommending it. Most of the women say that this bra is amazingly convenient and that they are wearing it for all day’s activities. Even the women that say they are only wearing it at home acknowledge that it is worth buying. From the couple who didn’t like this bra it seems that the majority of them had been using the wrong size. And for some of them this bra simply didn’t match. But because people are different from one another, and also have different body shape there cannot be lingerie that will fit well for everyone, and the Ahh Bra is probably not different in this manner. 

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