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Hiking The Amicalola Falls East Ridge Trail

Traversing the East Ridge Trail to reach the Amicalola Falls is an arduous challenge. This trail can take a mile stretch until the next trail from the Southern Terminus Approach Trail to the Appalachian Trail in Georgia. Expect a steep climb towards the top of Amicalola Falls from the East Ridge Trail where it rises an average of 80 feet for each 500 feet of trail.

At the trail’s entrance there is parking area across the wood visitor’s center. For the souvenir and book enthusiasts, the center has a gift shop with t-shirts and books of regional topics available for sale. Aside from that there is a natural history display where interesting information can be easily accessed. At the back of the center you will find the start of the trail where a cement arch is found. Right next to it is a stone sign shaped like the state of Georgia, on which it bears the Maine to Georgia Appalachian Trail.

Starting from this trail sign, the path leads to a steep climb which directs to the walls of Amicalola River watershed. Moving forward south the trail reaches the Etowah area and finally takes you to Lake Allatoona. Further on the journey it reaches a wooden bridge that crosses a gully on a mountain cove. Around this portion, there is another forest where a concentration of plants and trees is visible. This has been made successful through the efforts of the State of Georgia’s park system.

On the way to the cove’s exit, expect another steep ascent to the peak of the East Ridge which leads out to a gravel road. At the left turn, the path then directs you to an open space then to a ridge where a rock wall that replaced a steep slope can be found. The steep ascent forward to the falls will then show you the most spectacular view of the whole trail. It will simply take your breath away and it is definitely worth the journey. Spreading out towards the south and the west, the marvel of Georgia’s Piedmont can be found in the middle of the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Coastal Plain.

Nearer to the falls, you will find a gated rock structure where just past it are comfort rooms, vending machines, refreshments, and Amicalola Lodge. The area also has an elevated wooden floor where you can marvel at the beauty of nature with an interlocking of trails right above the falls. Whether it’s for a day hike or an overnight stay, the Amicalola Falls have the accommodation for the nature seekers.

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