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Gregory Backpacks – Baltoro 70 Backpack Review

The Gregory Baltoro 70 ‘Backpacking’ backpack is a mid-size pack that will comfortably see you through more than a fair share of full blown camping expeditions.

Designed to follow the contours of your back, hips and shoulders smoothly and snugly, the Baltoro 70 fits well and makes easy work of load-hauling. Just like a comfy pair of boots, trailblazing becomes a lot more fun when parts of your body are not crying out in pain!

The term ‘Backpacking Backpack’ may seem awkward but it helps in differentiating the middle space between backpacks that are designed for full blow mountaineering and smaller hiking backpacks that are designed for lightweight usage over a weekend or so.

The Baltoro 70 is built on Gregory’s Auto Fit Suspension system in which the shoulder harness and waistbelt are free to adjust themselves to the shape of your body. A comfortable ride naturally follows.

As standard with Gregory backpacks, the Baltoro 70 comes in different sizes since a given backpack cannot possibly fit a short person as comfortably as a tall person. Thus the small size Baltoro 70 has a capacity of 68 liters whereas the large size has a capacity of 76 liters.

If you find that you prefer the 76 liter size but your torso size is small (16-18″) you can look into the small size of the newly released ‘Baltoro 75’ which packs 73 litres. Similarly, if you find that you can make do with 68 liters but your back is big (20-22″) you need to scale down to a large size ‘Baltoro 65’ (also new for 2011) which is also built for 68 litres.

With padded shoulder harnesses and waistbelt, the Baltoro will carry 40-50lbs easily and loads of up to 60lbs with comfort. As expected with Gregory backpacks, the pack is full of useful features such as hydration ports, an aero-mesh moisture wicking backpanel and water resistant bottom panel. Made from double diamond ripstop nylon, small tears won’t develop into huge gashes before you eyes!

Overall, the Gregory Baltoro 70 backpack is a much-loved pack and commands legions of avid backpacking fans. A long standing Gregory bestseller that has seen through the test of time.

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