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Fin Fun Mermaid Monofin, Swim Fin for Kids and Adults (Blue Trim Black, Pro – Ages 12 and up)


Fin Fun« Monofin Jr. Generally fits ages 6-12. Also fits Fin Fun Mermaid Tails sizes 6, 8, 10

Fin Fun Monofin Pro. Generally fits ages 12-Adult. Also fits Fin Fun Mermaid Tails sizes 12, Adult X-small, Adult Small, Adult Medium


Only for experienced swimmers ages 6 and up, not a flotation device, adult supervision required, honor the swimmer’s limit, respect the water.


The Fin Fun Monofin includes an engineered flexible, unbreakable polypropylene insert with a dive grade neoprene cover; not a flimsy piece of plastic with uncomfortable, weak elastic or hard plastic foot hold

Comfortable ùYou have to feel it to believe it. Other monofins can hurt, pinch, or rub the feet. This does not happen with the Fin Fun Pro and Jr. Monofin

Snug fitting Monofin û Feet are not strapped into fin, making removal in the water easy; a tug, a kick and youÆre out!

Buoyancy Neutral û The monofin does not sink, does not weigh swimmers down

Open Bottom – Water passes right through the fin, water does not collect at the fin end

Unbreakable Fin û Our monofin is made from flexible polypropylene material, it will not crack or break.

Maximum Performance û While the primary purpose of our monofin is to create a realistic mermaid look and motion, our tests show that it also helps propel you through the water efficiently and quickly. Our monofin provides great exercise and is lots of fun to use!


Rinse with cool water, hang to dry. It is important to thoroughly dry the neoprene before storing. The insert can be removed to accelerate drying.

SWIM FASTER in the pool lanes with the PATENTED Fin Fun Monofin, STRENGTHEN your core with the full body motion of the 🐬Dolphin Kick🐬
ENGINEERED Fin Fun Monofin creates a natural mermaid motion with an unbreakable fin
ADVANCED, flexible and strong polypropylene insert is covered by professional grade neoprene
SURF-GRADE neoprene cover is double layered at the monofin tips for the most DURABLE cloth covered monofin
SOFT FOOT POCKETS hold your feet in the monofin for the most COMFORTABLE swim, other monofins can hurt, pinch, or rub the feet

Price: $44.95
(as of Apr 22,2019 00:28:12 UTC – Details)

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