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Considerations When Shopping For Men’s Hiking Boots

Hiking is an excellent activity enjoyed by many around the world as a means for physical activity, as well as enjoying nature. And for some it is much more than a pastime, it is a full-blown sport. And those that take it most seriously learn to take shopping for men’s hiking boots just as seriously. Hiking boots are in all likelihood the most important piece of equipment a hiker will need. They are the one product you should not take lightly, as they are what will save your ankles from significant risk when walking on rugged terrain.

Boots can be purchased for around $100 and up, however as we discussed above you may not want to buy the least expensive boots available. It is said that you get what you pay for, and with hiking boots that is most certainly the case.

Here are a few items you should pay close attention to during your research and shopping for men’s hiking boots:

The Boot Soles

The souls are very important, as it is your contact with the ground and will determine how good your traction is. Make sure that the soul is not too hard or too soft – you’re looking for something in between these two extremes in order for the boot to last long, yet provide enough comfort for long hikes.

Comfort Level

Be sure to try the boot on and make sure your foot is comfortable, yet snug. You do not want a boot that is to lose nor too tight, because if it’s too loose you will likely encounter chaffing and possibly blisters, however if too tight, your circulation will be hindered in any somewhat lengthy hike will quickly become very uncomfortable.

Arch Support

Make sure the arch support is complementary to your foot. If you have flat feet, obviously you’ll want to choose boots without large arches inside, otherwise the arch area of your foot may become bruised and sore over longer periods of time. However on the other side, if you have large arches be sure they are fully supported.


One of the most important aspects of men’s hiking boots is the level of water resistance or waterproofing. Gore-Tex has always been the standard in waterproof materials for shoes, so it is advised you purchase a pair with it. Most likely not every creek bed you encounter will have a bridge, or way to get across without getting your feet wet, so you’ll enjoy the benefits of complete water resistance in those cases.

Light Weight

Hiking boots by nature are on the heavy side, however you want to look for pair that as light as possible so that you’ll be able to conserve as much energy as you can for those long half-day or full-day hikes. With new technologies advancing almost on an annual basis, boots are getting lighter and lighter.

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