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Top 10 BC Hikes

Enjoying the great outdoors in British Columbia is easy with close to 400 provincial parks and a total of 850 parks and protected areas along with year-round resorts. The land diversity of the province is awe-inspiring with more than fifty mountain ranges, and many plateaus and plains with green valleys …

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Key Hiking & Backpacking Tips

There is nothing quite like the thrill and adventure of the great outdoors. The growth in adventure and eco tourism offers new possibilities for hikers and backpackers to experience nature – and with the latest developments in hiking equipment, the experience is even easier. For the novice hiker, we offer …

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Camping at Lac Le Jeune, British Columbia

A lovely camping spot in B.C. is a scenic drive up to Lac Le Jeune provincial park between Merritt and Kamloops. It took less than 4 hours driving including a lunch stop in Hope for little ones to stretch their restless legs. The weather can be pretty hot during July …

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The Benefits of a Crank Flashlight Radio

Can you count the times when you reached for a flashlight and once you held it in your hands, you realized that the batteries are dead? Many individuals have suffered the same dilemma. However, you don’t have to continue suffering this kind of problem with the help of a crank …

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How To Avoid The Negatives Of Camping

Camping is one of Americas greatest traditions, however many people make common mistakes when venturing out to the great outdoors. The following article has some helpful advice on how you can make your next camping trip more enjoyable while also remaining as safe as possible. Read on to learn some …

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