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Hiking in Arcadia, Greece

It is no coincidence that the name ‘Arcadia’, the name of this region at the heart of the Peloponnese Peninsula of southern Greece, is synonymous with our ideal rural landscape. This lush, mountainous landscape is such a beautiful place you may even feel you have stumbled into one of the …

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A Guide for Purchasing a Backpack

When the time comes to buy a backpack – and it will come for everyone – whether for a small child just starting school where the latest character from the “Cartoon Channel” will be a requirement or for trekking the frontiers, traveling across Europe or a weekend getaway, knowing how …

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Backpacking South East Asia on an Adventurous Route

The South East Asian region of the world – especially Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos – has become increasingly popular as a destination for those travelers seeking a more adventurous holiday than can be had merely sipping fruity, ice-cold drinks at your typical beach resort. However, an adventurous trip to …

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Adventure Travel – A Shift In Backpacking

In 1996 me and 2 friends undertook our first backpacking experience. We traveled from Costa Rica to Guatemala in 6 months. Originally we had planned to travel for a year, but half way decided to do something more useful with our presence in Central America and applied for volunteer jobs …

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Ultralight Backpacking Water Treatment

Water is one of the most important items in your pack, and one of the heaviest. You need it to sustain energy. You need it to avoid body aches, headaches, and becoming so uncomfortable that you don’t enjoy your hiking experience. If you can avoid carrying too much water, you’ll …

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Hiking in Abruzzo, Italy

This wild, untamed and hauntingly beautiful region is fairly close to Rome and yet is surprisingly infrequently explored by foreign tourists. Get off the tourist bandwagon and explore this exciting area on foot. This is the perfect part of Italy for a hiking holiday, whether you are looking to scale …

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