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Camping, Hiking and Backpacking – Must Have Essentials

Many of us take to the great outdoors to escape the tediousness of our daily lives. It’s a great place to get away from the stresses of our daily routines and can be quite therapeutic under the right circumstances. Under the wrong circumstances, however, the camping and hiking adventure can quickly become a nightmare. Here are a few pointers and suggestions that will keep your outdoor adventure enjoyable and worry-free.


Before setting out on a camping or hiking trip do your homework. Know the area you intend to travel to, become familiar with area maps and if possible learn to use a compass.

Plan your trip, thoroughly, let others know where you are going and when you plan to return. Never travel alone, there is safety in numbers, travel with companions.


Next the list of necessary supplies needed to safely proceed with our trip into the wilderness. Every trip into the outdoors requires us to carry a basic group of items that must be included in every backpack on the trail. These include water, extra food, a compass and maps, first aid kit, flashlight, pocket knife or multitool, waterproof matches and lighter, space blanket, twine or fishing line, and extra clothing and rain gear. These items are for surviving the outing and should be carried every time you go into the wilderness. What I’m trying to say is even though you may not use these items, having them and not needing them is much better than needing them and not having them.


The smart move when hiking and camping is to be safe in all things. Additional comfort items you might consider are insect repellent, whistle for summoning help, cell phone or some other communication device is a great addition for safety’s sake and last but not least a big bag of common sense.


With these basics you will be prepared for the unexpected while on your camping trip and they could potentially save your life.


Now that you don’t have to worry about being prepared for the unexpected you can pause and enjoy the beauty that Mother Nature has for you.



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