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Bivouac Tents – Are They Worth Buying?

If you’re seeking to go camping without making use of a tent, then you have 3 options. You can either use a backpacking tarp, a camping hammock or even a bivvy bag. All three have advantages and disadvantages. However, many of them are lighter in weight and quicker to set up than a backpacking tent. With this benefit, it signifies that they are the ideal equipment for any light camper to possess.

One of the primary capabilities of the bivvy sack is to help keep the sleeping bag waterless and to help increase the warming capability of the bag. Folks who vacation on their own in the back country can go ahead and take advantage of bivvies. They are ideal for hiking trips that may take longer than a day.

The bivvy bag is a fantastic addition to your supplies regardless of whether you’re simply hiking, climbing or biking across the great outdoors. It can serve as an emergency shelter in case you discover oneself in tight situations. You can easily carry a single in your carrier, just to ensure that you are safe from the elements outside.

The initial bivvy bags produced were produced from a single layer of waterproof cloth which was designed as a slipcover. These have been produced to help safeguard sleeping bags from the rain. However, individuals experienced issues while using bivvy sacks simply because of the poor air flow. Furthermore, condensation would form because of the intense body heat.

These bivy sacks are frequently used in conjunction with sleeping bags. Often, they have a strap that may help maintain the sleeping bag and bivouac bag in position even if you move about a great deal during your sleep.

Should you don’t mind carrying an extra pound, you can have your own bivvy tent or bivvy shelter. This is a small modification of the initial style bivvy, except that it contains tentlike qualities for an extra pound or so.

Despite the fact that the bivvy sack is extremely well-liked for light packers, not everybody is comfortable making use of one. Some people grumble that it can be too stuffy because of the limited room.

The excellent thing is the fact that most bivvy bags these days can withstand strong winds. Furthermore, in case you find a really excellent bivy sack then it must help you all throughout the year.

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