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Bicycle Safety: How Does the Rock Dodge Technique Executed?

Have you ever skilled being pinned between the gutter and a automotive and there is an impediment in entrance of you? It could also be a stone, bump, pothole, puddle, moist leaves, or something blocking your approach. You can not change street place with the intention to keep away from the impediment. It is on this state of affairs that you just use the rock dodge method.

If you cycle over these hazards (significantly when they’re multiple inch excessive) your tires may be squashed towards your rims. This can harm your rims and blow out your tubes.

What is the rock dodge method

The rock dodge method is a bicycle emergency maneuver that permits you to keep away from hazard with out the want to alter your street place. This is a fundamental ability that each bike owner should study as it may be life-saving.

How does the rock dodge method work?

Front wheel

Keep in thoughts that with this system, the entrance wheel is extra necessary that the rear wheel. This is since you steer with the entrance wheel. Performing this maneuver is fairly easy. Just earlier than you hit the impediment that is in your approach, jerk or steer the entrance wheel round it and again. For instance, there’s a rock in your approach. Just earlier than you attain it, rapidly steer left (or proper) then proper (or left) to right your stability, then straight once more. Because you rapidly right your stability, your physique would not have time to comply with the weave of your bicycle. You proceed driving in an almost-straight line as you get round the hazard easily.

Looking forward

Looking forward is crucial to execute this maneuver accurately. You should look forward so that you can establish the impediment and notice how far or how close to you’re from it. This gives you time to organize for the hazard. Concentrate on biking on a straight line whereas transferring your bike round the hazard.

Your Body and Rear Wheel

Maintain a straight driving place whereas your bike strikes round the hazard. While performing this system, you’ll be able to rise up in your pedal that will help you maneuver your bike correctly. If you recognize that you’d hit the impediment along with your rear wheel, you need to unweigh your rear wheel. To achieve this, merely elevate your weight off your bike seat. Lean ahead only a tad to get your rear wheel round or over the impediment.

Ideally, you should not hit the impediment with both wheel. Practice the rock dodge method so you need to use it accurately.

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