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Backpacking on the Costa Blanca

For those looking to do a little vacationing in Spain, why not rejuvenate yourself with a 5 – 7 day backpacking trip through the Costa Blanca Mountain Way. With seventy miles to travel, it is an experience like none other. While backpacking can be a bit on the expensive site after purchasing all of the required gear, the benefits certainly outnumber the cost.

Planning your journey

Before you begin your backpacking journey you will need a good sturdy backpack, sleeping bag, tent, hiking boots, canteen, camping stove, camping cookware and any other extra amenities that you feel would be necessary for you trip. After you have purchased your equipment, the rest of your experience deals with much less out of pocket cost. As long as you take good care of your hiking gear it should last you for quite a few more backpacking adventures. A few extra recommended pieces of equipment you should have are maps, some form of a photo ID, spare clothing, a flashlight, matches, pocket knife and some form of communication device such as a cell phone fully charged and for emergencies only if possible.

Why Backpacking?

There are of course a number of benefits to backpacking over conventional traveling. Not only do you get the chance to experience the scenic beauty of Costa Blanca without any restraints, you are also adding to your health by increasing your physical activity. It can also be a very spiritual and enlightening experience. Backpacking is a great way to free yourself from life’s daily stresses and worries. The mountains bring with them a certain feeling of cleansing and aspiration. To feel and experience Mother Nature in her natural form is more than you could experience from a hotel room. The peace and tranquility you feel as you sleep under orange and olive groves is one that shouldn’t be missed.

You should however consider the pitfalls and dangers as well. Being aware of what could possibly go wrong can help you avoid such problems. If you plan ahead for disaster you are likely to be more prepared in the event that something should arise. Backpacks can be quite heavy so you should be sure that you have the capabilities of handling such weight before making a lengthy travel on foot. Consider your overall health and be sure you have prescriptions filled and on hand in case you need them. Packing a first aid kit will help you in case you get injured on your journey. Keep sunscreen available so that you do not get badly sunburned. Each of these possible dangers and pitfalls are all easily solved with some planning ahead.

Where to Visit

While backpacking through Costa Blanca, there are a number of stops you can make along the way. Be sure and enjoy the fantastic panoramic view of the hillside from the Caballo Verde Ridge. From here you can see the lovely hillside, wooded plains and the Baranco del Infierno. It is especially breathtaking just as the sun is kissing the sky goodnight as the fading lights peek over the ridge. Many people traveling along the Costa Blanca find the sights in Guadalest and Calpe quite appealing. Guadalest is located about a half an hour out of Benidorm. You will find the cliff side castles a most pleasurable and majestic sight to see. Calpe is a well structured town surrounded by cool clear water and splendidly tall buildings and a walk to the top of Ifach, a tall mountain standing high above the port area of the town is not to be missed. Aitana is perhaps one of the most popular hikes. From here there are many more views from cliffs and ridges. Aitana marks the end of the journey on the Costa Blanca Mountain Way and also stands to be the tallest mountain in the region. Any of these destinations are sure to add that extra touch of splendor to your backpacking trip.


Your accommodation options are limited once you start your backpacking journey of the Costa Blanca. While you might find some small villages or towns, maybe a few small hotels, there is not much other than the stars and the sound of nature to keep you company. Also, you should plan your backpacking trip sometime in the Spring as this is considered the best time of year by most tourists. Summer tends to be a bit too hot. April is perhaps one of the best spring months to choose. Always be aware of the weather when planning a trip. Check the forecast for the week before you head out on your adventure. You do not want to get caught in bad weather although you should always be prepared for the unexpected.

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