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Backpackers and the Trinity Alps

Finding unique hiking spots is the goal of many a backpacker. Heading off to the Trinity Alps provides you with one such opportunity to explore the beauty of nature.

Backpackers and the Trinity Alps

Backpackers and California – two things that go great together. The Trinity Alps, located in the northwest portion of California, are a splendid range of mountains perfect for wilderness adventures. Over a half million acres of this pristine land is designated as the Trinity Alps Wilderness (so named by the California Wilderness Act of Congress in 1984), and this area encompasses the spot where the Trinity, Salmon and Scott Rivers converge, as well as the mountains in the area. Trekking in the Trinity Alps can provide a wonderful experience for any lover of the great outdoors.

The Trinity Alps, as a mountain range, is not as large or tall as some other ranges nearby like the Sierra Nevada. Located in Sacramento County, near Redding, California off of Interstate 5, this area is often overlooked by hikers heading towards larger mountains like Mount Shasta. The lower elevation and smaller area of the Trinity Alps are actually an advantage, as they allows for easier hiking of the area while still providing great views and atmosphere. Hiking in the Trinity Alps, along with horseback riding, provides a great way to see a large portion of the Alps area. Much of the area is inaccessible by car or motor home, so the only way to really see the Trinity Alps is to hike and camp here.

The deep trout lakes and glacial formations in the Trinity Alps allow for an experience unlike the others found in California mountain ranges. The elevations in the Trinity Alps can cover range from 1,360 feet along the Trinity River to the highest point of Thompson Peak at around 9,000 feet. Well traveled trails in the area include those along Coffee and Canyon Creeks, and many hikers choose these trails for the expansive and gorgeous views. If you prefer a less occupied trail, those along the western side of the Trinity Alps offer more lonely hiking experiences.

Hiking in the Trinity Alps can offer hikers a great day trip, or an even longer period of exploration depending on your stamina. Be sure to take note of the diverse plant life here, such as the many trees including firs, pines, cedar, oaks and maples, as well as the many different types of wildlife. While in the Trinity Alps, expect to see salmon running and black bears walking among the trees. The Trinity Alps offer a great view of all the wilderness that northern California has to offer.

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