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Adidas Racerback Sports Bras Reviews

A bra style that is just about ideal for physical activity is the racerback bra. It will provide you with a unique combination of support, comfort, and styling that no other bra can for your sports or work out activities. Here in this article we will review some of the more popular styles and models of Adidas brand racerback bras.

The Adidas Climacool Racerback Sportsbra – With this racerback sports bra you get all of the support, compression, and comfort features for a bra of this style plus a uniquely patented material from Adidas called Climacool that offers additional advantages. The weave and thread for this material are made to wick up moisture away from your body and keep you cool and dry. You will find that you can be comfortable in Climacool no matter what the temperature as the fabric ridges constantly conduct away heat sweat from your skin. You will be able to observe a ventilation and moisture dissipation with this racerback bra from Adisas due to the unique three dimensional fabric.

This bra has mesh inserts built in that are breathable and provide additional air circulation to your skin for cooling and sweat evaporation. The mesh material is a woven fabric that has very small evenly spaced holes built in. This allows air to circulate as you move around and work out and keeps your body temperature even cooler. The Climacool material is made from mostly polyester with ten percent spandex added for compression. This bra also provides excellent support and compression, and your breast tissue will be well protected even during high impact workouts. This bra is listed on amazon in a midnight black color for around twenty dollars, and you will find no better sports bra than this.

The Adidas Power Bra for Women – This racerback sports bra is yet another Climacool offering from Adidas and this unique material was explained above. The bra has complete mesh and back supports that includes a stabilizer built in to the inside of the bra for additional support which is perfect for the woman looking for the most compression and stabilization possible in a sports bra. This bra comes in snow white and has a reflective Adidas log on the front for visibility safety, and it has the Climacool logo on the back. This bra is not see through even though the material is breathable and keeps you cool. You will be completely concealed even if the bra is wet while you are wearing it. You can find this sports bra offered at many online retailers such as Amazon for around twenty dollars, not including tax and shipping.

The Adidas Response Crop Top Bra – This bra is very unusual because it looks like a top but is actually a bra. It looks fine just wearing it as a top while you work out, hike, or play your favorite sports activity. This racerback bra is made from a unique weave developed by Adidas that they call Climalite. The thread is made from mostly a comfortable nylon, with nine percent spandex woven in for compression and memory. This materials is designed to keep sweat away from you body and maximize air circulation to keep you cool and dry. This bra and top combo has specially placed mesh to provide additional ventilation and cooling. It has added reflective piping for night time safety, and the Adidas logo as well that looks quite fashionable. Overall, this bra is light, comfortable, flexible, and it will give you good coverage for all day wear. This sports bra is priced at twenty five dollars.

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